10 Ways to Make Your E-commerce Website Ready for Holiday Season

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The holiday season is about to kick off and if you haven’t started to work out a Christmas strategy for your e-commerce website you are already falling behind. Many seasonal shoppers seek to avoid the stress of shops by shopping online. Christmas is peak sale season and a once-in-a-year opportunity to grab the attention of customers and lock potential sales.
Here’s a list of some great tips that can help your online store jazz up a bit for the festive season and can get eager customers hooked up to your website for a longer time.

Optimizing Your Landing Pages for Christmas Season

Placing some additional focus on your website’s landing pages for Christmas can just do the trick. Thank God for Google, and its Keyword Planner, optimizing your e-commerce website to attract maximum visitors is now made easy. Using for Christmas or New Year related keywords that worked last year, around your products or offerings also known as on-page content optimization, is one way to do this. Make sure these trending keywords appear in the URL, meta description, page headers, image titles as well as internal links.

A Christmas Themed Web-Design

Christmas is the season when you just can’t get enough of the festivity, so why not offer some of the same to your customers through your website. Coloring the category tabs in red and white, hanging lights on top of the pages and decorating special offers with ribbons is sure to gear up your website for the Christmas. These graphic designing tactics and special effects are likely to grab the attention of your customers and will keep them glued to your website for a longer time, thereby increasing the chances of more sales. You can even add jingles to brighten up the mood of your site visitors and make their shopping experience the best one.

Crafting Campaigns around Christmas

You sure have a number of offers and discounts ready for Christmas, the question is do you know how to present them to your site visitors in a way that would generate the best response. Highlighting your seasonal best-sellers in your page headers and making obvious Calls to Action will ensure that your customers no longer need to search for specific products and can click straight through to finalize a buy.

Redesigning Your Logo

When you are adding a festive touch to everything on your website, why should your logo be the same? Putting up a Santa hat over your brand name or logo or sprinkling some animated snowflakes in the background can bring your logo to life.

Christmas Themed Banners

Christmas themed banners can direct your customers from other off season marketing campaigns to the true Christmas elements on your website. Flashy or simple ones, if they are themed for the season, they are sure to catch the eyes of your customers. Utilizing banner space on your website can help you provide all the additional information that your customers will find useful as the season approaches.

Christmas Widgets/Plug-ins

To show your customers that your word press website is in its true Christmas spirits, add Christmas themed widgets or plug-ins to cheer up your site visitors. This can include advent calendar for publishing exclusive content, Christmas countdown clocks, Christmas lights, holiday messages or quotes and much more.

Add a Social Push

Placing buttons to your Facebook and Twitter pages on your e-commerce website can help you take your customers directly to your social media pages. Once they are there, you can directly engage with them, listen to their needs and respond accordingly. You can use social surveys to come up with offers for last-minute shoppers or utilize the information for next year. You can also cross-share some of the website’s information on your social page and attract more visits through latest products offering, festive quizzes, lucky draws and competitions.

Make your Site Responsive for the Season

Mobile e-Commerce is quickly catching fire. While it may be too risky to venture for a responsive web design with less than a month left in Christmas, you can sure make it your No.1 New Year’s resolution and get a responsive site ready for next Christmas. If you already have one, make sure your website is not just easily accessible through smart phones, but also has features like holiday apps and one-click ordering etc., to make user experience even better this Christmas.

Use Adwords Smartly

While focusing on Adwords at a time as important as Christmas may sound like a daunting task, when done smartly it can boost your ROI and make your campaign a success. Running your campaign early will help you catch early-birds. With the right keyword research your campaign will be hyper-relevant to what the consumers are looking for and will keep you abreast with the competitors. Last but not the least; keep an eye on the conversion rates, so you know how well you are doing.

Prepare for Site Influx

Don’t be surprised to see the number of site visitors shoot up during this time of the year. The last thing you want is to turn away loyal customers just because your site crashed when they were making a purchase, or maybe your pages were taking too long to load. Make sure you have plenty of bandwidth so your site can handle heavy traffic and demonstrate stability during peak shopping hours.


If you need help with any of the above steps, you can always contact one of our business development executive by leaving an email at sales@webxity.com. We can not only help you with brain storming but also go ahead and perform some of these effective changes to your website in no time to set you up for your holiday season sales.

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