5 convincing reasons to use WordPress

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People ask me all the time, how does WordPress compare to other platforms out there or why is WordPress better, or why do you recommend WordPress for most websites. Well, today I will go ahead and discuss top 7 reasons why WordPress should be given preference over any other CMS platform out there.

1. Once Click Install

It doesn’t matter if you are new to internet or what your age is. You can spend 10 minutes on google reading about WordPress and you will learn quickly how WordPress can be installed in few easy steps. You can install it on any domain you like and as many as you like. If your purpose is just to set up a simple blog site, you can get this done under 10 monutes.

2. HUGE, Huge, huge range of themes

One of the best things about WordPress, you find a theme for almost any kind of website. If you are looking for a premium theme for your specific industry or a particular niche, you can simply check out the most amazing WordPress themes here. You can browse through different categories such as Ecommerce, Portfolio style, Minimalist etc or even search in this huge library. You can also start off with a nice looking free wordpress theme. Some free themes can be just as good.

3. Extremely user friendly

Once you have installed and configured the theme, all you have to do is log into your admin panel and start posting. The admin panel is extremely user friendly and lets you add/edit/delete content in few clicks. It is pretty self explanatory and you will get a hang of it within minutes.

4. Thousands of plug-ins

You need a newsletter subscription attached to your blog/website or you need an additional feature. You DO NOT have to go to a programmer and you do not need to code. You can check out thousands of wordpress plugins here. If you are looking for a nice newsletter subscription plugin or an Ecommerce plugin that turns your website into an online shop immediately, they are all there. You can also look for many free plugins.

5. SEO Friendly

How awesome would it be, if you set up a website and not have to worry about it being SEO friendly. WordPress is hands down the most SEO friendly Content Management System out there. All you really have to do is download a sitemap plugin and submit it on google webmasters tool. This will index all your website pages to google’s search engine. That’s it, now you can just keep adding as many pages/posts you like and they will be indexed on google automatically. For SEO, the best plugin I find is the AllinOneSEOpack.


I could list down a million other reasons to use WordPress. Stick around if you want to see some more posts regarding How to use WordPress efficiently.

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