About our Agency

We are a Florida based business-driven technology solutions company that helps organizations and startups to create and maintain a cost effective business value through the use of the most cutting edge technologies. We create high quality and production ready web and mobile applications for startups and visionaries, provide Ecommerce solutions for large high-end companies and sometimes we like to flex our creative muscles by creating visually stunning website designs.


We identify the pain points and then provide an optimum solution, with a relentless push to completion to our customer’s business problems and therefore our strategy is,


  1. To Understand the problem, not only the technology.
  2. Selecting and mastering the best matched platform for business's needs.
  3. Sustain and Maintain the production quality of the application or software

Because Webxity was founded as a startup and we bootstrapped our way starting from 2 employees to over 20 employees now just under 2 years. We understand and can relate to the common problems for a startup. Whether it is an Ecommerce online shop or a web application intended to solve problems, we work closely with our clients to make sure that they achieve their goals. With our business acumen and intuition, as well as firm grasp of the most cutting edge technologies out there, we think we have a perfect combination for a successful startup or a small business.



  • We are not the first ones out when the bell rings. We stay, until we satisfy our clients, and until we finish what we started.
  • We truly believe that good communication is the key to a successful project. We try to communicate in which ever way possible.
  • Dedicated project coordinators and account managers assigned to individual projects.
  • Having business domain knowledge and experience for dozens of industries. Real estate, CPR, B2B marketplace, Medical industry and more..
  • We take deadlines seriously. We seriously do!


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