Does Responsive Web Design Improve Your Search Rankings?

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If you’re confused about why a responsive web design is so popular and why you should opt to get one, here is what you should know:

A responsive website is one that can be accessible when viewed or accessed through any platform. This means that all the text, graphics, audio/video elements, screen-layouts and other aspects of the website can adjust themselves accordingly to accommodate different resolution and screen sizes. The main goal here is to make sure that you are accessible to everyone.



Why Should I Get One?

While some people might have embraced this new design, others might still be a little hesitant towards it. However, the benefits that a responsive web design offers are many, including the following:

Increase in Smart Phone and Tablet Usage

People are utilizing smartphones and tablets in the same way as they use a computer. In fact, desktop PC and laptop sales have begun to decline for quite some time while sales of smartphones and tablets are only increasing as the years go by.

With more and more people using their tablets and smartphones to access the Internet, it has become necessary to make sure that your website is able to show up on these smaller screens without missing any element.

Two-In-One Effect

Businesses that anticipated the move from PC’s to smartphones and tablets often have two different sites. One is a mobile site, specifically for smaller screens while the other is meant for bigger screens. Both have to be maintained but it requires double the effort.

On the other hand, a responsive web design eliminates the need to have and maintain two separate websites. With one website, you can keep all of the accessibility while increasing the efficiency of your campaigns.

More Conversion Rates

Many people often notice that conversion rates have gone up once they switch to a responsive web design. The simple fact of the matter is that responsive website designs make your website available on a large number of screens without losing any of its core components. This enables it to be accessible to a larger chunk of your target market which would not have been possible otherwise.

Old Design = Outdated Business

A business website is an online representation of that business. People look on it as a reflection of the services that they can expect to get from that business. That’s why it is necessary to pick a responsive website design since it is considered as a fact that your business is changing to adapt to the changes around it.

Well written content, easy access, user friendly navigation and good user experience all point to the fact that a business cares about it’s customers. On the other hand, a poorly designed website can be looked upon as a shady sign or as a sign of a stagnant business and people will be more wary of clicking on your links.

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