Exclusive Collection of 10 Free WordPress Themes for All Types

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As the internet is becoming modernized with time, the operations have become difficult. You have to adhere to the modern trends along with accomplishing the expectations of people. The collection of free WordPress themes is unlimited. But do you exactly know which theme would work for you? In 2014 you should select a theme which is customizable, responsive and highly compatible to your blog needs. Here are top tips to remember when selecting your free WordPress theme.
[list type=”list-style1″]

  • Compatible to website literary theme
  • Vision-supportive
  • Responsive
  • Decent colors
  • With free space

Here we have picked these free WordPress themes for your website in 2014!

1: The Pilot Fish Theme

Download | Demo

The Pilot Fish theme is for those who want highly customizable and responsive design supporting multiple features simultaneously.


2: The Fifteen Theme

fifteen theme

Download | Demo

Companies are adding greater resolution into the cameras and WordPress is giving us better themes for photo blogs. The Fifteen is a perfectly toned blog which gives you the option of customization along with highlighting your categories. Responsiveness is its additional benefit.


3: The News-Flash Theme

news n flash theme

Download | Demo

The new social media is greatly embracing the news and there was a dire need of a great and free news portal theme. Thanks to the WordPress which gave us the News-Flash theme; a perfect information and news portal theme.

4: The Resolution Theme

resolution Theme

Download | Demo

Resolution is a highly multi-purpose theme which is perfect for starting a new news portal, magazine, and online tabloid etc. This responsive theme is definitely an ideal choice for people who want to write and post about everything!

5: The Crangasi Theme

Crangasi theme

Download | Demo

Do you want to carry on your old website style but with a new and responsive theme? Pick the Crangasi theme and get all the benefits of your favorite old WordPress style but with great responsiveness.

6: The Marketer Theme

marketere theme

Download | Demo

Just look at this gorgeous and amazing theme. What else does a marketer want? Above all, it has live theme customizer and wide layout options. You can select any color for your website from the unlimited color palette. How about selecting one from the 16 admirable skins?

7: The Pisces Theme


Download | Demo

The web is getting diagonal because the websites have to fit with all inches of screens. Pisces is a perfect theme for those who want to extend their business to all screen sizes.

8: The Bricks Theme


Download | Demo

Bricks is the simplest of all themes. It is highly customizable, very supportive to human vision, and extremely responsive in design.

9: Advertica Theme


Download | Demo

Sell your products and services with the perfectly designed and highly responsive Advertica Theme. It is very supportive to literary related websites and corporate operations. What else is needed?

10: Boemia


Download | Demo

WordPress understands the need of web presence for all the businesses. Boemia is the best economic theme in the history of web. It has beautiful, admirable and responsive design. Do you need expensive web designers for your online business now?


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