How much does it cost to build a website?

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Once, a health spa owner asked three development companies to quote their prices for building her business’s website. A week after providing the spa’s goals and functions to the web developers, they came to her with three different proposals. The first priced the project at $1000, the second at $4000 and the third at $9,000, leaving the owner as confused as ever.

Getting a One-Off Quote is Not Possible

One should view website development as a service rather than a product that often requires teamwork from a number of people all pouring in varying amounts of time and effort. It also involves high level of planning depending upon what exactly the client wants the website to deliver. As a marketer, you may want the website direct, simple and search engine optimized while a designer may want to use the latest code, improve its look and add lots of features.

One should also keep in mind that there is more than one way to price a website. It could be either a $20-$50 hourly rate or a fixed quote like $3,000.  Moreover, given the number of programming languages, platforms and systems, there can be a thousand different ways of developing a website.

However, the effectiveness of any website is determined by the extent to which it is aligned by its business goals and by understanding each of the underlying factors, deciding whether the quote is justified or not can be made simpler.

Four step rule to getting a quote


  1. Write it down. Yes, picking a pen and a paper always works. Write down all your requirements on a piece of paper, and make sketches if you are feeling creative. Later, scan them or convert them into digital documents. There are a bunch of tools available for this purpose. If you can’t find one, simply use Microsoft Words.
  2. Market survey. Once you are done putting together a list of all your requirements and some mockups of the designs, go ahead and contact a few web design agencies and ask them to run you a quote. You can have them sign an NDA if you think your idea might be stolen. I personally believe an idea can never be stolen truly.
  3. Once you receive a few quotes, you will not only find out which web agency was efficient at providing the most detailed quote, but you will also get a market idea of how much the website should really cost.
  4. Cost Benefit Analysis. Of course, now you compare all your quotes, see what the company with the highest price is offering that other companies are not, or is the company with highest price only charging for its name. Some important factors to look at might be,
  • Will they provide the website layout for mobile and tablets? Will the website be responsive?
  • How many design revisions will they provide?
  • Do they have an in-house team or will they outsource the work?
  • Will they run quality assurance tests in-house or will they just wait until you find the bug yourself?
  • Is there someone (a project coordinator) who will communicate with you on a daily basis and provide you updates?
  • Will they take the deadline seriously? How seriously?
  • Is there a warranty period? 30 days minimum.

If you are going for the lowest cost, keep your expectations low. The website will most likely not attract traffic let alone build brand awareness or create sales. For a medium price, you can expect a certain level of strategic insight, some social media marketing as well as good information architecture.  If you are going to pay a little above average you should expect your website to receive a comprehensive and well thought-out design that will support your business objectives, while integrating it well for social media marketing. You may also expect a high level of customization.

Webxity Technologies has web consultants who have tons of web design and development experience for all major industries. If you need a free web consultation or need to schedule a free brainstorming session to see whether your idea is feasible, whether it can fit under your cost, which platform should you use to build it, you can give us a call at 408 520 9836 or drop us a message at





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