The Technical Challenge:

IntrazGoClap was earlier a simple web application built on PHP/CodeIgniter, they wanted their system to work offline as well as online.

The technical challange is to create offline functionality for the reason that we need to manage one database in client side and then merge client-side database into server side data base

What We Did:

Our work needed to evolve their management system into simple, scalable functionality of offline/online Synchronization, data store and connection detector with the strong security for this application. We have worked on both client-side and admin-side. Also we converted the front end of complete application to AngularJS.

We used pouchDb, which is a light weight opensource javascript database which stores data on client browser so that it syncs data to servers when internet is available and application works offline as well as online seamlessly.yik5BERiE


          See the flow of how this system work:

CouchDB-AngularJS offline syncing app

A web application for Hospital management system in Portugal to maintain overall record of their patients efficiently.

esri-pouchdb                        OneDrive-icon                 PHP

 AngularJS                    Offline/Online Sync                      PHP

The Brief:

Intra Goclap is a web & desktop application to gather all the patient records in the database which stores data locally (offline) using CouchDB and online. This app is used locally and connected to the intranet application. The data can be inserted or updated when submitted with the data validation.

For the above mentioned challenges we manipulate them by creating calls from server-side for sending data to client-side. Also create tables in Pouch DB by creating ID Prefixes for Databases.

The Result:

Webxity has provided them the solution of by creating an application which has a functionality of Forms implementation, multiple admin and users with the authority of giving limited rights to the particular user. Moreover, also have the functionalities of Net connection detector, synchronization and data store (locally and online). Our solution more than exceeded the brief and client is thrilled with the result.

Below are some of the snapshots for this app: