It is an online quiz builder web application built with Laravel 5, Bootstrap 3 and AJAX. The concept is pretty much like where the admin can create different kinds of quizzes from the back-end and the public users are able to attempt the quizzes and share the results from front-end

About the app:

The admin section of this app will let the admin create different kinds of quizzes. As you can see in the video the admin also has a dashboard with graphs and statistics to show how many users attempted the quiz, how many of them shared it etc. We have done some basic Facebook integration where it will pull age/gender from the user's Facebook profile and provides the ability to create some interesting quizzes. Users are also able to share the results on Facebook and comment on it. The app is highly secure and is built with the latest Laravel Framework.

Further Development:

We will be exploring the Facebook API further to provide some more detailed parameters such as, "who is your closes friend". This will be done based on who you interact with more on Facebook (Number of Likes/Comments etc.). This will enable the admin to create some more interesting quizzes and will provide endless options. This will help in creating engaging content for the users as the goal of this app is to have the user spend as much time as possible on the website.