Description of our service:

This particular SearchBlox app provides the text analytics service to read in the survey data from an excel file, analyze the survey data and output the required drill down visualization grouped by employee sentiment and divisions to view the feedback themes and specific comments allowing senior leadership to take the required actions to address the feedback in a more concrete manner.

The Process:

We built the app dashboard using AngularJS and we also used JQcloud for displaying Wordcloud and NVD3 for displaying the pie charts. The pie charts are to display the sentiment analysis and word cloud pulls top 100 words associated with the filters applied. These visualizations will help make managers take better decisions.

Search Blox

A content search software that simplifies adding search functionality on your portal, Intranet, or website. Searchblox provides Enterprise Search and Text Analytics in a simple way.

The Brief:

SearchBlox has released a new angularJS based faceted search package that makes it quiet easy to make/amend facets/filters and modify the search UI.