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CAPLINQ is an Amsterdam based B2B service provider company for importers. Specializing in providing a 360 degree services to its clients from around the world. They have a B2B website where suppliers from any part of the world can list their products and have access to markets they can't easily enter.

Implemented Admin layout for the Joomla 3 release based back-end
Admin Dashboard of Joomla 3

From the client

Our work with Zeeshan Raza at Webxity aimed to update an obsolete website technology platform to a modern one without interrupting the work of every employee who used the administrative backend or the orders from customers that the business depended on.

After more than 8 years with an obsolete technology platform, our corporate website needed a serious overhaul. Despite being obsolete, we continued to make more than 50 undocumented modifications per month, meaning that after 8 years, we had a seriously unwieldly website that resembled nothing of its former self and no documentation to explain how it worked. We were terrified at the thought of having to modernize our website without interrupting the flow of our employees around the globe.

Zeeshan Raza at Webxity explained to us the concept of technical debt - meaning that we kept digging ourselves deeper with every modification we made. His deep understanding of our issues put us at ease and we green-lighted the project. Zee and his skilled team setout to develop a master plan that outlined specific actions, deadlines and responsibilities - exactly what the directors needed to ensure the plan was on track and on budget.

After 5 months of development, the new site was launched without a hickup. Sure, there were still some small bugs that needed to be fixed, but not one single major disaster that caused concern either for employees or customers. We continue to work with Webxity to this day and plan to keep them as a long-term partner.

Christopher Perabo,

General Manager,

CAPLINQ Corporation.


The Problem:

Caplinq was built over the years and they were so busy with their growth, they never got a chance to keep up with the ever evolving technology. At the time, the platform with which it was built, had become obsolete and had lost the community support. Therefore the website was now facing following issues

  • Loading speed, lots of javascript/css conflicts
  • Not able to use off-the-shelf extensions
  • Extremely vulnerable to security threats and attacks
  • Most of the plugins and extensions were modified, and therefore can't be upgraded to later versions.
  • The core of the platform used was modified and so was the database


We were tasked with the responsibility to evaluate and analyze the entire website as the admin of the website had concerns of its stability, longevity and scalability.  We also had to consider the facts that the back-end of the website is used by employees, customers, and market partners. It needs to be secure, reliable and properly backed up. According to the latest news from Joomla developers society, they have stopped releasing updates for the version 1.5 and it is now vulnerable to different security threats. Hence, the migration to a later version of Joomla was considered the most sensible and cost-effective solution.

Global configuration page from backend

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