Some of the Best Web Applications Built with AngularJS

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The rise in the popularity of AngularJS may well be attributed to the fact that it’s maintained by Google. Having said that, anyone who has used it would also know that AngularJS is much more aggressive than any other framework, prods developers to create a code that is easily testable and has its own terms and jargons, probably because it offers features no other JS framework does.

Still we find many others out there such as Backbone, Ember and Canjis that can all be used to deliver great programming efficiency. However, if Google continues to have it their way, that time isn’t far away when many approaches and techniques used by AngularJS would become industry standards.

Moreover, picking up a JavaScript framework is not about a developer’s preference of one choice over another, it’s more about what results you are trying to achieve and what best fits a given project.

Here’s a list of 10 varied and interesting apps that have been built using AngularJS.

1. Double Click for Advertisers

Double Click for Advertisers is an ad management and ad serving app that is intended to assist advertisers to manage complete advertising programs through one platform. This is by far one of the biggest projects Google has been running externally. The app has used AngularJS to write the entire client-side code. From integrating analytics and charts to much more, Double Click super powered by AngularJS is a great example showcasing how advanced this JavaScript platform can get.

2. YouTube for PS3

The YouTube Application for Play Station 3 has been built using AngularJS. This doesn’t come as a surprise because Google owns Youtube. What could be a better plan than to promote Angular on one of its own platforms? Given the interactive nature of Youtube, it was undoubtedly a great place to showcase the features Angular can deliver.

3. Vevo

Vevo is a video hosting service and the result of a joint venture between UMG, Google, Sony and Abu Dhabi Media. Launched in 2009, videos on Vevo are syndicated across the web allowing music fans to view their favorite programs anywhere and at anytime. In a short time-span, Vevo’s massive scale and reach has hooked up as many as 900 local and international brand marketers.

4. Goodfilms Mobile Site

The Goodfilms app let users to watch, rate, review and share films with their friends. Goodfilms mobile app was created using AngularJS and allows you to do everything from handling touch events to splitting up the user interface into several segments. What’s interesting is that the Goodfilms’ folks even have a blog post on how their entire experience with AngularJS went.

5. Localytics

If you are interested in web app that could show you by example how to build an app with very less code using AngularJS, the case of Localytics is what you should taking a look at. The app was first developed using Backbone, but as it grew bigger and bigger in size it became hard to manage. A simple switch from Backbone to AngularJS brought down the code line from 3500 to 1000. Sounds insane, right? But it’s true!


This America’s Cable and Satellite channel got the opportunity to take a fresh start following the split of MSN and NBC. They decided to build a new web presence and created a client-side AngularJS application to ensure smooth performance of their community oriented commenting system even under heavy site traffic. The app allows them to tie together social content into high performance editorial content. Take a look at their story.

7. ZapTravel

ZapTravel is an internet travel company that relies mostly on what Facebook friends are doing, such as flights friends have boarded, travel advice from friends and companion travel. It eliminates the need for extra data entry and does not ask users to select calendar dates or choose from pop-up destination menus. It offers you to make searches more like you would be talking to a friend regarding the destinations you would like to visit and the budget that fits your pocket.

8. Room77

The online platform allows travelers to compare prices of online travel agencies and hotels and book rooms from the convenience of their homes. The app that already uses AngularJS is also getting some technology backing from Google allowing users to book a room from their smart phone. This can potentially boost this startup backed by, especially for those looking for online booking services while on the go.

9. Plunker

Plunker lets users create mini applications on the web, and to easily update and run them. It also allows users to collaborate in real time on a code they are making and comment on their creations and that of others. If you are a Java Script developer, there is no way that you haven’t heard of this app that was build from the ground up using AngularJS along with some great technologies including Browser Channel and ShareJS.

10. Tag Cloud Search + Translate

Tag Cloud Search +Translate also uses AngularJS and allows users to create a tag cloud for any webpage present in your chrome browser. The cloud can be of 100 words that you use most frequently, providing a quick synthesis of every page that you browse within a second and with just a single click.

Wrapping it up…

While these were the apps built with AngularJS that we believe are some of the best ones, honestly speaking, we had just begun to scratch the surface so far. There are plenty of amazing and useful apps built with AngularJS, both from Google and other developers, and many more are still in the making waiting for their turn to step into the daylight.

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