Top 5 Wire Framing and Prototyping Tools

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When building a website, creating a prototype is incredibly important. Checking which factors work and which ones don’t becomes very difficult if a prototype is not being utilized. Furthermore, wire framing a website is also a crucial part in web design that should not be overlooked.

While it was basically an art of guess work to make sure that everything was just right, with the help of wire framing and prototyping tools, this tricky aspect becomes extremely easy. The following are a few of the best wire framing and prototyping tools that you can come across.

Easy to use and very minimal in approach, is a great tool since it allows users to begin from the basics.


Furthermore, there isn’t a lot of clutter which lets its users play around more easily. Sticking to the minimalist idea, there are limited stencils and color palettes to choose from. On the other hand, users can easily try out two templates for the wire frame tool which gives a great idea about the users desktop and mobile website prototypes.


Promising perfect execution of pixels, Easel is a web-browser tool for prototyping and wire framing of websites. It lets the users easily create mock sketches and try out various ideas such as text boxes, buttons and even tables. While it has some pretty basic functions, it also allows its users to utilize advanced features like web fonts and CSS3.


Since it’s an in-browser tool, users can easily swap between the text editor and the browser. The best part about the Easel tool is that all users can create prototypes and test them out very easily without the help of a designer. Before you choose to buy it though, you can easily take a tour or try out a trial version. Furthermore, different packages will definitely make this tool more pocket friendly for you.


If users are still too new to web design, PowerMockup will definitely be a good resource app to have. Considered as an add-in to Windows tools, with this handy tool, users can download and utilize different web design stencils through Microsoft PowerPoint. The stencils also come with various options such as tabs, text boxes, buttons and other aspects of web design.


Featured with PowerPoint’s usable interface, users won’t face problems using this tool. It is even possible to upload a template from their own files to customize on it as well. Before you choose to buy it though, you can easily take a tour or try out a trial version. Furthermore, different packages will definitely make this tool more pocket friendly for you.


Looking to speed things up? Jumpchart allows users to easily create team based mock ups that can be tested easily.


Furthermore, it allows its users to store all their dummy content, prototypes, notes and any other useful data in it so they will definitely find it a convenient tool to have. The site also offers updates and monitoring of any changes that occur so there is no room for errors. Another nifty feature that Jumpchart offers is the ability to export any design as easily as possible to WordPress, making the site live within a few minutes.


While it’s not free, it’s definitely one of the best tools to have when one is looking to design, test and work out prototypes on a serious basis. While many people do find it confusing once they start with it, Axure allows it’s users to test every single element as extensively as they want.


From adaptive views to basic header and footers, Axure covers it all. The best part about it is that users don’t have to know coding to create a design. With that burden off their minds, Axure’s users are free to create any kind of website they want.

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