Truthful Comparison of Prestashop vs Magento

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Before getting to the comparison, we must understand that Prestashop and Magento are two different E-commerce platforms that are developed using 2 different technologies and they are also different in the way they are created and therefore they offer a different user experience as a result. The compatibility depends on the needs and requirements of the users. Here is a basic introduction to both!

Introduction to Prestashop

In 2007, Prestashop came as a blessing for small and medium sized businesses. It supported Web 2.0 and PHP providing free download option. However; some other features including themes and modules had to be purchased. Some top of the line features of Prestashop include support to 38 languages, cross selling, platform for idea sharing, special deals, and support to worldwide payment options including PayPal.

Introduction to Magento

Magento came as Prestashop’s competitor in 2008. However; it was quite loved by everyone because of high customization, crop marketing, and continuous introduction of improved features. It also supports SEO.

Comparing Prestashp and Magento

Quality Prestashop Rating (5) Magento Rating (5)
Usability Prestashop is quick to install and starts easily. 5 Due to high customization of Magento, you need to set up several extensions incuding CURL, PDO etc. 4
Features Prestashop has a good collection of eCommerce features. The response is also quick. 3 In terms of features, Magento takes complete dominance as it has highly customizable features for a more modern and robust business website including CMS, multi-store, SEO etc. Which on other hand can become daunting for not-so-technical users. 5
Price The basic version of Prestashop is available free of cost on the internet. But like most opensource platforms, you must pay for themes, modules and extensions separately. However, sometimes, purchasing an extension is a much cheaper solution compared to getting it created by a developer. 4 Magento offers two versions. The basic version is free of cost and on the ground basis; it provides all the features one needs to set up a good online store. The advanced version has to be purchased but it is for businesses which seek highly advanced levels of online business and marketing. This includes, customizable shipping price calculations, complex products and category distribution, supply chain integration etc. 5
Design Integration Since Prestashop is a download-and-install patform, its design integration is not at all a problem even for the basic users. 5 Magento seems to be complicated when it comes to design integration. Some of its functions can be controlled by an expert only. 4
SEO Prestashop has basic compatibility to SEO. 3 Magento is ideal to bring your business to the top ranked positions at search engines. 5
Availability of Themes Prestashop offers some basic themes only as free. However; you have to spend money to buy more themes. 4 Magento has all the themes in basic free version. 5
Community and Sharing In order to share ideas and seek support, you can join the online platform of Prestashop. However; the number of members is limited. 4 Magento’s community is far larger and better than Prestashop. You can seek advice from experts at the community. 5
Multi-Currency Yes 5 Yes 5
Free Shipping Yes 5 Yes 5
Back/Restore Yes 5 Yes 5
Wishlist No 0 Yes 5
Statistics Yes 5 No 0
RSS Feed No 0 Yes 5
Tag No 0 Yes 5
Membership Yes 5 No 0
Wholesale Yes 5 Yes 5
Track Order No 0 No 0
Affiliate No 0 No 0
Sales Report Yes 5 Yes 5
SEO URL Yes 5 Yes 5
Product Rating Yes 5 Yes 5


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