What’s a Hybrid Mobile App?

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ios app developmentA hybrid mobile app is a different process of creating just about any app you own on your phone. When websites and apps are developed, programmers have a choice to build their site from scratch in the native way or they can choose to fill in the blanks with a basic layout given to them. This simple selective process would be similar to what people who aren’t familiar with building websites would use. The Hybrid App takes the best of both worlds, uses a fill in application similar to the HTML5 program, and gives you more room to change and develop like a native site builder.

While the overall information is impressive, a lot of professional programmers and builders seem to doubt the hybrid app over the speed of a native app. This means we need to go deeper into understanding what the hybrid mobile app really is. By look at the pros of choosing hybrid applications, the modern features of the hybrid app, and even who has built a hybrid app.  All of these statements can be answered by looking not only into applications made professionally with the hybrid app but also by understanding that these hybrid apps are trying to take the native application into a new level of app building.

What are your “pros” when choosing a Hybrid App?

cross platform mobile developmentThe Hybrid application is a way for developers to stretch and still work through the site building process without being stuck inside of tiny options selections or working with an empty screen. One of the most important ‘pros’ of this application is that it takes app building from multiple developers down to only one. By taking down the main complications, developers are then able to make more adjustments to their sites and to their applications. Another pro is that the only way you can distribute your app through app stores is by making either a native app or a hybrid application. The hybrid application allows for newer websites taking their information and distributing it on the web without the hassle of hiring a team of programmers.

How modern is the Hybrid App?

The Hybrid, with all of its newness as an application is not the end all for app development, with a hybrid app you can find yourself working with features that your out-of-date or unreliable. When faced with this missing plug-in you either are out of luck or forced to write it yourself. The modern features of the hybrid app are also not as efficient since you would have to wait for the newest of features to be developed into a plug-in so you can keep your site up to date.

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Who is building the Hybrid Apps?

While you might not realize it, there are a number or well-known hybrid applications. Instagram is a popular choice because of its fast uploads and abilities to multitask and add comments and tags while the photo are being uploaded. The speed of this hybrid is masked by the abilities the user is given while the upload is in its processing stages. Hybrid apps are not as new as many would have thought however; they are making an impact in the developing world for their sense of accessibility in app creating.

The Hybrid app is an interesting development in the creating of application building. While this hybrid app is not the final product in the line, it is a headliner for the many versions of hybrid applications to come. The simplicity of the app development and the freedom it gives developers is something that won’t be pushed aside by the native app builders. Instead, the hybrid app will have made its impact to anyone in the technology world.

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