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So I was recently approached by one of my clients who wanted us to create a step by step giveaway promotion page on his WordPress website. We searched for the available plugins as we believe there is no need to re-invent the wheel really. But when we couldn’t find anything that comes close to his requirements we decided to roll up our sleeves and create something of our own. So after days of brain storming and hard work, we finally came up with this

Giveaway plugin


So this currently works as follows,

Step 1: Users will be landing on a unique page URL such as www.yourwebsite.com/giveaway, after which they will be asked to enter their email address

Step 2: Users will be asked to like/share your facebook page.

Step 3: The plugin will pull a coupon code directly from your Woo Commerce and apply it on the user’s cart. The % of discount associated with the coupon can be set from your Woo Commerce plugin.


It is not possible for me to give out the front-end website URL as the client run’s the promotion from time to time and the URL keeps changing with the promotions. However, the screenshots can be viewed on our portfolio.

We have not really released the plugin yet and we are hoping to receive some comments/feedback regarding it. If we do get a response we might just go ahead and release the plugin and make it available for downloads.

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